Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meet The Parasite

The LSH and I are proud to announce that we have created The Parasite. The Parasite will make his/her appearance in mid-June and the world will never be the same.

I've collected a few observations about this whole process thus far:

  • No wonder The Baby Industrial Complex tells you to keep being pregnant a secret for your first trimester. All I would have said would have been a rotation of the following: OMFG why am I so tired; Whoa, holy wave on unexpected nausea; I need a nap; I wonder if there is a place to get frozen yogurt around here; Yawn, I'm so tired of being tired; and I can smell everything. 
  • I gross myself out. I burp and fart on a very regular basis. I cleared out an entire gift shop last weekend.
  • The LSH thought it would be a good idea to fry Spam for breakfast one day. It did not go well... like at all. It's a long story but I almost barfed in the washing machine. 
  • Apparently, the LSH is allergic to the hormones I'm putting off - he has been itching like crazy. The doctor says this is more common than you'd think. 
  • The Black Dog has become 1000% more protective of me. Either he's incredibly maternal for a male dog or he thinks that he's the baby daddy.
  • The prenatal vitamins look like suppositories. There's no nice way around that. 
  • The Baby Industrial Complex loves to try to scare the shit out of you and boss you around. If you eat that turkey sandwich your baby will die and it will be all your fault.   
  • At 35, I'm ancient in reproductive terms and the prenatal nurse loved to say lovely things like "At your age..." or "for expectant mothers of advanced age like you..."
  • People in maternity clothes stores have no sense of humor. The LSH and I were in A Pea in the Pod last weekend and I put the belly on before I came out of the dressing room, shocking the hell out of him. Of course I started rubbing my belly and doing a little dance around and we both started cracking up laughing. Either we aren't as funny as we thought we were, pregnant couples have no sense of humor, or maternity stores are places for serious business and not a place to goof off.  
  • Just to bring things back to Sons of Anarchy, Tara and I are about a week apart. Apparently her boobie fairy didn't come during season 3.  

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Few Thoughts on the Sons of Anarchy Finale

A few quick thoughts on the season finale of Sons of Anarchy while rewatch about a million times and  work on the recap....

  • An excellent finale that was remarkably anxiety/damage free for SAMCRO. Even though I didn't  trust that lovely mushy moment with Jax and Tara in the episode opener, it was completely genuine and sweet. All the foreboding of things about to go wrong was a red herring. 
  • Viva La Pinky! 
  • I'm going to miss ATF Bitchface but it was about time that SAMCRO got some revenge on its antagonists after Zobelle escaped last season. I'm torn over which revenge kill was better but am leaning towards Stahl because of Opie's like "This is what she felt." ZOMFG. Anyways, vote in the poll over whose death was more satisfying -- Stahl or Jimmy O.

  • It took us 3 season to get confirmation that Clay and Gemma killed John Teller. He didn't let the road by accident or by choice. 
  • Jax is apparently done dithering. 
  • When did Jax tell the MC about the deal with Stahl? This is really bothering me. Were we conned all along the way with Stahl? Vote in the poll below.

  • Finally! Someone listened to Chuckie! 
  • Tig's comment about letting Chuckie use his hand to rub one out was classic, priceless. 
  • I wonder what was in Tara's letter from Jax. 
What did ya'll think? Sound off in the comments section....