Saturday, February 5, 2011

It Still Bothers Me

All I wanted when the third season of Sons of Anarchy came to a close was for all the characters to be in a relatively decent, safe place. Considering the end of season two, I realized that I was pushing the boundaries of expectations. However, all the characters that I care about were left in a reasonably good, decent, safe place. Yes, I count prison to be decent safe because everything is relative with this show ya'll. But I still wonder how Jax (and presumably SAMCRO) so effectively duped Stahl.

At my best, the bother and doubt creep in while I'm in the car or standing in line to order lunch. Hmmmm. How did that work because there didn't seem to be a hint of it during the season. Hmmm. Must go home and rewatch tonight. At my worst, I feel like this:

My concerns in a hail of bullets:
  • How could a man and a MC (Jax and SAMCRO, duh) that had been routinely outmaneuvered and had their asses handed to them the IRA, SAMBEL, Jacob Hale, and an idiot like Salazar been capable enough to outsmart a sociopath like Stahl?
  • When! When did Jax bring SAMCRO into the crooked deal he struck with Stahl? It matters whether it was SAMCRO's idea and they were in on it from the start or Jax brought them in later in the game. It matters. My theory is that SAMCRO was in on it from the beginning because there is no way Jax could have captured Luke and his driver all by his lonesome. 
  • How were there not any real clues to let the audience know what was going on? I can only think of two possible explanations: (1) There weren't and clues; or (2) If there were clues, they were so slight that you'd have to know they were present to know what they meant.  
  • Think of what it means if there weren't any clues. Isn't the audience (yeah, us) at least more trustworthy than Stahl to have some indication of what's coming down the pike? Or are we forever outsiders peering in on SAMCRO's world? That would make the audience not unlike Tara and Gemma but even they got some explanation. 
Those questions, bothers, and concerns are all I'm left with until September. Oh, and this image which helps nothing: