Tuesday, May 17, 2011

They're Baaaaaaack.....

Can you feel it? That certain something in the air. It's like a drop in the barometric pressure before a hurricane, that spark of of excitement before your intuition tells you something good is about to happen, or that feeling of impending doom after you've eaten your second chili cheese dog with extra onions.  

Photo from Dominic Pagone's Photostream
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Yes, yes, you've guessed it. Production is underway for season four of Sons of Anarchy. How do I know? There are new sets being built. Baby casting is in progress as well as casting for a deputy sheriffDanny Trejo has been cast a Mexican commando badass. There was a table read for episode 401--titled Out. There's a new blog post from Kurt Sutter reminding us that season 4 picks up 14 months after then end of season 3. And last, but certainly not least. the Sons of Anarchy You Tube Channel is up and running.


Now that we're caught up, let's get down to the really important matter at hand. Charlie Hunnam's hair. It's short. Like Green Street Hooligans short. What do you think?
Source: The Internets 

It's certainly better than the Jesus-meets-Kurt-Cobain look that was going on at the end of Season 3. It will help the continuity issues that The Hair creates--see the scene with Father Ashby and Jax in Firinne. But is the short hair really true to Jax's character? Or is this just what the ravages of time, lice, and a stint in the penitentiary do to pretty outlaw biker boys?

Sound off in the comments section about the hair. I'll be back to regular blogging as things heat up.