Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sons of Anarchy Season 3 DVDs

In a hail of bullets, here's what I learned, remembered, appreciated and realized after going through a marathon re-watch of the third season of Sons of Anarchy on DVD along with most of the bonus material:
  • I was skeptical but SOA Season 3 does work better when viewed as a marathon. However, prolonged viewing reveals how thin the plot gets in the middle of the season.  So there's that.
  • I fell asleep during an episode and a half (Look, I'm sleep-deprived and that shit got boring) of the Belfast part of the season. I missed  McGee's entire character arc and the Jax/Trinity incest bit.  The result of missing all that? Nothing. Neither of those threads contributed to the overall narrative of the season.  
  • As much as I bitched and moaned about how it felt like the double cross was a cheap trick, I will admit that on my second viewing there were signals that Jax and SAMCRO were scheming together against Stahl. Most obviously when they were getting money from Stahl to pay Putlova in exchange for Jimmy O. But most of the hints and signals were so subtle that you'd only pick up on them if you knew something was afoot.
  • I forgot how much Gemma, Clay, and Jax implied that John Teller was a rat.
  • The dialogue between Jax and Clay about the 50 cuts looking at how Jax will react and having to decide whether Abel is alive or dead is aaahhmmmaaazing. Perfect writing, perfect acting. 
  • Piney keeps cyanide capsules in his pocket just in case and Opie references the pills as his father's "end game." That is something to file away for future reference. 
  • Gemma's time with her dad felt like the writers deciding that she needed something interesting to do.
  • I cared much, much, much less about the plot twists with all of the Irish characters except for Fiona and Maureen.
  • I still can't figure out what Tara's motivation is and I think that's a good thing. 
  • The deleted scene where Jax tells Opie that he's full of hate and anger and is unable to feel the love he has for his son should have stayed in. It would have explained a lot of my frustration with Jax throughout the season. Or maybe it's just me. 
  • I still like Lyla. 
  • I want Gemma and Unser to have their own spinoff (a 30 minute sitcom, naturally) where they fight injustice on the mean streets of Charming. 
  • Margaret, the once heavy metal groupie and now hospital administrator, made some eerie comments about Tara as an uncertain mother-to-be in an unstable environment. It makes me wonder if that's what we'll see in the upcoming season. 
  • I want Calamity Jane's sexy lawyer/punk rock pumps. 
Onward and upward to Season 4!


    1. I don't remember the cyanide capsules. That does sound ominous.

    2. I want Calamity Jane to get shitfaced at a club party then go all Deadwood on everyone with her crazy voice. I think it would be entertaining for all involved.
      Totally in agreement over the Jax and Opie deleted scene. I forget that they're BFFs 4Everz most of the time so it was so nice to see that they are and help each other a lot.

    3. I TOTALLY second the Calamity Jane suggestion. I was hoping for a Jane/Charlie Utter reunion all season. But I could settle for a drunken Jane.

      My fave deleted scene was the bit about finding something for Chibs' mouth so we could understand what the hell he was saying. And the bit with Happy telling the prospects he'd never lost Gemma.

      Wonder if we'll hear any more about Nate...