Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sons of Anarchy: Taking Stock of Loose Ends

Sons of Anarchy returns tonight. Wahoo! The post-prison dynamics within the club and within Charming are going to be the focus of Season 4. In advance of the premiere, I've taken stock of some of the loose ends remaining at the end of Season 3. They are in no particular order:

  • How will the information contained in John Teller's letters play out? What's in those letters beyond JT's accusation that Gemma and Clay were his would be murderers? Moreover, how important will those letters be? It may turn out that they're old news to everyone but Tara. 
  • What will become of Fiona and Kerrianne now that Jimmy O is dead? A big move to live with Chibs in Charming?
  • Will Opie find out about Sarah Palin's Lyla's abortion? If so, how will he react? In the Season 3 finale, that man looked like he had a serious case of baby fever.
  • SAMCRO pulled a fast one on Putlova's horrible Russian accent. How will that get resolved? More blood? Perhaps with some treasure? 
  • Are we done with the Irish? Or does the gun deal between SAMCRO and the IRA stand?
  • Who are the people with money behind Jacob Hale that were buying up storefronts on Main Street in Charming?
  • Oswald has been very loyal ot SAMCRO. How long can that last? 
  • Is Tig's mistrust of Koz deeper than a betrayal over a German Shepherd? 
  • How is Clay's arthritis these days?
  • Agent Kohn still hasn't turned up. Yet. 
  • Opie's resolution to stay in SAMCRO after he learned that Clay and Tig killed Donna.  He stayed in with a desire to change the things along with Jax.  Did killing Stalh satisfy Opie's need for revenge? Or will he have have remaining trust issues with Tig and Clay?
  • Luanne's murder.  Who was responsible?  My money's on Georgie Caruso but I'm open to suggestions.     
With all of this in mind, SOA Season 4 sounds like it is full of promise. There are a few early reviews worth reading, including those by Alan SepinwallMaureen Ryan, James Poniewozik

Happing viewing!

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